The first person who got followed by John Doe (ROBLOX) is "killertakanuva" this may be a bit strange to people, but I am just saying what I saw.

July 21st 2011Edit

One day on Roblox, I played some popular, random games because of how bored I was, until I noticed that there was only one popular game, well all the others had 0 people playing, even Jailbreak, it said "eoD nhoJ" because I was very new back then, I had no idea what it meant, I clicked on it and it's description said "Help, this game isn't possible yosN people t'nac playyyyyy pleh pleh pleh pleh pleh helpajfhelp" I thought it was just a kid who can't use spelling correctly, so I just left it, I then went to my game and noticed EVERYTHING was different, trees were full black, the grass was blue, and the dirt was yellow, and then I saw THIS. If you are not able to see, that is his name while also saying "Hello, sebstar38" my new Roblox username, while then saying, "Why don't you play my game?" The thing is, I made my first account in 2011 but made "sebstar38" in 2017.

Killer in my game.

March 31st 2012Edit

Once I started playing Roblox again after almost a year, I noticed something happened to my account, I actually had robux in it, I never got any because it's real life money, I wanted to spend some of it while it's there, I thought it must be a glitch, but then all of the items were Ninja Mask of Light, I then remembered about Killer, I went to his profile and looked at his game and noticed it was 250 robux, just like the amount I had, I then bought access and noticed my player was everywhere, but not in a normal way, it was deaths of me, hung, sliced head, stabbed, ect. Then I met him, Killertakanuva himself, he said "We will not tell anyone about this, nor will you come on tomorrow." I was confused, but I did only one thing of what he said, not telling anyone, well now I have.

April 1st 2012 Edit

I went on Roblox the next day, because I was told not to, I am quite the curious person, you know? I played some games and then I got too bored, I tried clicking the X but it wouldn't work, I thought I was locked in Roblox or something, but my screen went black, it started making the outline of a Roblox player's head and it turned into Killertakanuva, I couldn't turn it off nor could I move, he then said to me with text and sound...

"Why didn't you listen to me, pathetic player?" Edit

I was stuck in there, to never escape, to never see a different screen.

I then sold my laptop for a low price, because I wanted it gone as soon as possible, someone bought it and I told what happened to it, they said it was fine and that they would try to fix it, he then walked away, computer screen staring at me, it turned on with text saying, "10/05/18".

April 2nd 2012 Edit

I had no computer, so I decided to watch TV, and the news popped up saying "A male mechanic who had just bought a laptop had died after an unknown incident, people are thinking the laptop had crushed his head open after dropping it, we have no evidence of how this happened but police have been called to check out the house for information and evidence, police have found a computer left on with red text saying "Hail Satan, GONE FOREVER."".